Outdoor Adventures and Inverter Generators

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Inverter generators release a cleaner AC after converting AC to DC, then back to AC. Because they use clean power, they supply constant electricity to appliances in a more efficient way compared to standard generators.

Benefits of Bringing Them Outdoors

Outdoor adventures with family or friends (or both) can be more entertaining with an inverter generator unit. Why’s that? Read on to know.

Inverter generators are portable

Perhaps the first thing you’ll probably love about great inverter generators is that they’re light and small, which makes them easy to bring, handle, and store. Compared to conventional generators, most of them come with a cart and weigh only around 30 pounds (a 1,000-watt unit). Because of this advantage, you can take one with you when you go camping or hiking, and you’ll be able to use your laptop for more fun activities like watching a movie or playing a video game. Inverters can fit in your car with ease and bringing them has more benefits than drawbacks because of how light they are.

Inverters are quiet

Aside from the fact that standard generators are heavy, they’re also noisy which may disturb the people around you. Because of this, even if you can bring one, you probably won’t. On the contrary, you’ll love taking an inverter with you because it’s light, and its operation is quiet.

Inverter generators are fuel-efficient

polaris inverterThese generators can adjust the engine speed based on how much power you need. Because of this variable speed upside, inverters save fuel. Note that conventional generators have to attain a particular speed to run.

Fuel-efficient inverters don’t just save 40% energy, they also lessen emissions and save your money.

Inverters provide clean AC

As mentioned in the introduction, these units supply cleaner energy than conventional units, which means they can be used for sensitive products like laptops, phones, and tablets. This makes any outdoor adventure more high-tech as you can have a constant flow of electricity with you wherever you go minus the voltage fluctuation.

Inverter generators allow parallel operation

If you think one unit isn’t enough, you can connect it with another to increase the power output. This is beneficial especially if you’re going on a long trip with lots of relatives or friends since you’ll need more energy to power up numerous devices.


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